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[Monika] Monika Skowronska
Teacher of children with mental impairments.
Adam Skowronski
IT worker and webmaster of Mike Oldfield's Fanclub

[Adam pretty and young]

Wojtek Skowronski
[Wise Wojtek] [Franek] Franek Skowronski
Born in 2008.
Helena Skowronska
Born in 2011
Liliana Skowronska
Born in 2015
Mikolaj Skowronski
Born in 2017
Stefan Skowronski
Born in 2020
Alina Skowronska
Born in 2021

   Some info   

Below is info ussually placed on home pages. In fact - it is useless. It only purpose is to allow the author to mention during a chat: "You know, on my home page..." or "If you want, you can take a look on my page...". I'm aware that my EXISTENCE in Internet isn't worth much (without FB, Insta, YT and Twitter)

Nevertheless, let's continue:
The story of my family began at January 1, 1995 and led to marriage 5 and half year later - June 24, 2000. Since then, six children were born and, unfortunately, the eldest son - died.

That's the whole story. You can see photos (with Polish text) - vacation pictures, wedding photos and a lot of photos with our family.

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   My applications   

HTML viewer (33KB) - for DOS - I made it in the Windows 3.1 times, because I didn't want to start Windows and Netscape, to see what is in html file. It is simple applicatoin, it doesn't recognize frames and tables, but it is usefull for quick check. I know about a few bugs, moreover - I know how to repair them.
CD Player (63KB) - for DOS and only for DOS. It has its own CD database and a few interestings funcionalities. It requires MSCDEX installed.
WWW Generator (13 KB). It makes html files using a data file and template file. It's small and is working under Windows*.
WWW Generator for Linux (1.1 MB). The same as above for Linux with sources included

start photos misc links monika adam polish
   Favourities links   

Four Winds - Mike Oldfield's Fanclub. I'a fan of Oldfield, one of the founder of Fanclub and webmaster of its site.
UserFriendly - Comic strips for geeks. Worth seeing.
PLD - PLD Linux Distribution
Seti@Home - Search for ExtraTerrestial Inteligence project.

start photos misc links monika adam polish
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